I am the proud owner of 2 sex dolls

I am also happy to join your community. welcome. I can’t talk to you about sex dolls, but I’m the proud owner of 2 sex dolls: Carole, I bought it at urdolls in June 2017. This is X-Treme, new reinforced skeleton, face Julia, small chest, options real life sensitive and 43 kg! My baby recovered in urdolls in August 2018. It is also X-Treme, but the bones are old, the face Tania face is still very small, the chest is OK, but it is sensitive to Real life, the disadvantage is 36Kgs. I want to attach a photo. Take a moment to visit the rest of the forum, and of course you will read the target model and other sex doll models! I have two dolls 4Woods: Lilica 27kg (made in Japan) on Neo Lir in 2011 and Yurica (made in France) on 2013 AI Doll S + 26kg.

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