I Am Very Aatisfied With The Quality of This Sex Dolls

Hello, it is really not talkative on the website, knowing that you can contact the person who made the doll, they will be a good suggestion. For this budget, it seems useful to visit their showrooms Lyon and Strasbourg. Welcome to the forum. I am also the owner of sex dolls, just like the other two active members of the forum. My sex doll is X-treme, sensitive to real life, Julia on the face, and has a large chest weight of 43 kg. It was 2016. I am very satisfied with the quality and sturdiness of this sex dolls and the very realistic details, which makes it a real high-end doll very flattering and cute, in addition it is made in France. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and indeed, we don’t see them on their website. You are happy to be here to inform you, and as mentioned above, the showroom will assist you. Note the weight mentioned above and the legs of the sex doll (you can’t shake your legs like other brands). Here are two details that may be important for some DOs. After that, these two brands allow for a lot of customization, which is very important to really approach the taste of each customized sex doll and propose a unique companion of the future.

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