One of the most successful faces japanese sex dolls

I ordered the japanese sex doll at urdolls, but found her head at wmdolls, which is one of the most successful faces I have found. I plan to buy other faces like her at urdolls. In short, I plan to change my daily life. I hope the head installation is not too complicated. And the manipulation of the eyes must be delicate. I don’t want the baby to see me wrong from the beginning. I hesitated between several names and I will decide when she will be there. Now it’s japanese sex dolls, and I’ll rename it later. The eyes are adjusted with hooks. There is no complicated head. Have you seen the exorcist? A magnetic M16 connector may be useful. I have recently been interested in japanese sex doll, and I think that is the best place to learn, why not dive. You will take a step here! I like to read because there is a lot to learn here if you ask without hesitation.

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