What type of japanese sex dolls have you ordered?

Good evening, I’m a new member of the forum, so it’s a bit scary. I ordered a Japanese sex doll that I was looking forward to, and at the same time I wanted to know everything I needed to welcome it under the best conditions. I know that I have read the manufacturer’s advice carefully, but nothing is better than the experience of a happy owner of Japanese sex doll, because I think there is always a small gap between theory and practice. I am an old man in the life of a couple, because real women are a little difficult to predict or complicated, but I always wanted to express my will freely. This is a brief introduction, I wish you all a good night in a good company. I am in the same situation as you, and a doll-loving life is really great! Enjoy reading because you will find everything you need on the forum. What beauty will you bring to us? What type of japanese sex dolls have you ordered? What is his name? Tell us everything! Don’t forget, you must post ten messages to access the entire forum.

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