Really see sex dolls in the exhibition hall

To fully understand the situation, clearly identify your expectations and truly see the sex dolls in the showroom before making a decision, which reduces the risk of disappointment. My sex doll weighs 39 kilograms, which is too much. I changed it to a 22 kg body, and it can adapt to day or night. You must adjust the weight of the doll according to your body size. If the doll is too heavy, transportation will be dangerous and may result in an accident (for dolls or OD). “Body weight” is indeed something that deserves to be taken seriously. An inert doll is very heavy, especially TPE can’t carry it with you. You may hurt yourself or hurt her. Please also consider your expectations of her and plans to be with sex dolls. Share the content. It can bring real existence in daily life, comfort, etc. If you plan to wear clothes and enjoy his presence in bed, then hat N may become a bit complicated!

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