Meet your lonely and beautiful sex dolls

2000€ Yes, not given, but at this price you will definitely receive a good doll that you ordered, as the sex doll will check it on arrival. In order to have a good idea for the doll, nothing is more interesting than touring in the showroom. Indeed, this beautiful sex doll will surely satisfy your loneliness, and there are still many things to learn on the forum, don’t hesitate to ask your question. Welcome everyone to the evening on the forum. I know everyone knows that ordering your doll is already the best choice for making sex dolls, and it is also a good choice. As far as I am concerned, it is my turn because I am overweight (somewhat disproportionate breasts). 50 kg: very heavy (about 2 kg in the head + possibly clothes). Notify yourself not to be disappointed. (I am about 40 kg) Finally, I am very happy to see weight loss, because even 40 kg is very heavy at first, then we are used to it. The muscles are also very well adapted to the very cool, over 50 kg, I think we are moving to another category.

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