Your reception and opinions on sex dolls

Healthy women are 50 kilograms heavier than 25-year-olds, but we must see 50 kilograms of sex dolls representing 50 kilograms of self-weight, while 50 kilograms of girls help you use her little muscles more or less She does physical exercise, which divides her weight by at least two…50 kg… almost twice my weight… I can’t even imagine how to move this weight. Unless you are able to lift a 300 Kg weightlifter. Thank you very much for your reception and comments on sex doll. Indeed, my mind is not yet fully mature, I thought that 50 kg ca is already a good weight. I am not a bodybuilder, maybe a bit too much, but I also think that if you design this way, a doll with 50 kg will definitely have subtle benefits. I don’t know how to express my feelings, but I say somewhere that the weight is closer than the real woman’s weight, and all women with an average weight of 50 kg are not as good as this woman. This is a basic reflection, but since there is no complete conviction about purchasing sex dolls. It’s not easy to explain my motivation in depth, but in short, even if I have very few sports, I always prefer big cars instead of small cars (I will never stop falling in love. I need it) I have a lot of driving pleasure, one every day. The big engine consumes a lot of fossil fuel. But the generous sides, and I don’t spend too much of my small broken car. I still have time to decide on me. Your opinion is very important to me. Thank you again.

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