Information on different methods of pampering sex doll

I recently ordered from the website store. Yes, I made a leap. My doll is a WG doll 150 G cup. I came to the discussion, especially with information about the different ways of maintaining and caring for dolls. I hope to have a good time with you. In the interview, you will find a lot of information, as well as good gestures for using sex dolls. I wish you a happy reading! You only have the hardest! Wait for your little doll to be generous, without burning the CB on accessories and clothes (all members will tell you that it will pile up a lot). Is there any name for your future beauty? Enjoy reading while waiting for the beautiful WM 150 G. I hope you carefully consider before placing an order. Many impulsive orderers regret and sell their dolls. Give him a pti name, she will be more lovely. Yes, if you want her to be at home, you will do the same as many of us. Buy 5 to 6 pairs of shoes, clothes, stockings, wigs, and the price of a sex doll is two.

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