Another form is the weight of a sex doll

Many people choose TPE at their price and a large number of models to find the face and body they need. However, another form to consider is the weight of the doll. Don’t ignore it. Hello everyone, I have been visiting the sex doll website for some time. Today I plan to take the plunge. But before placing an order, I would like to ask you for advice and suggestions from various vendors. My data sheet is “lol”; I am 55 years old and have been divorced for 5 years. For purchase dolls, I suggest you find a place to sell on the forum. It’s best to get notified before this… I’m letting you browse urdolls, you should find the first message. Then there is a problem, the answer is even more questions. Now start to find your love in this happy harem. Please note that there are two versions of TPE and silicone. The strengths and weaknesses of everyone.

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