I started thinking about getting a TPE sex doll

I browsed a lot of dealer websites and began to seriously study the 165 cm N cup premium version of the doll. I was finally accepted. In fact, a month ago, I didn’t even (or even didn’t) be interested in loveDoll, but on a winter night, in a dangerous surf, I fell. Distributing any brand on the spot I found these dolls are very advanced movie Monique who introduced me to the toy “luxury” when these exist. In fact, I started to consider getting a TPE sex doll model. I have been thoroughly researching for 2 to 3 weeks because I found this universe full of various scams. Finally, we still need to fight and invest a lot of time to avoid disappointment. This can be very expensive. The 2000 Euro is still a good number. Therefore, I found a lot of sex doll recommendations and related suggestions on this forum. These knowledge and suggestions can help me understand and understand the traps to avoid, and Thanks to the participants for sharing the information.

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