You will know Japanese sex doll before you start

Hey, welcome! There are two or three practical tips to modify them. You will know Japanese sex dolls before you start, such as the tights and dust removal techniques already mentioned, but after the techniques are practiced separately. (Let’s put down his head, raise his arm, then start!) Then, still practice, one person knows his doll, and one person buys clothes for him. According to his body, size, body, these clothes are getting better and better. And his style. However, the dagger is not mandatory for dressing. I would like to know what different models and technologies are available for the Japanese sex doll. This website seems to be a good answer. Explore the forum, you will have an idea, and if you have not solved these issues in the theme, please feel free to ask questions! Welcome and good research, here is the gold mine, only the gold nuggets in other places.

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