Buy a Japanese sex doll after a romantic relationship

Hello, I introduce myself. I am a 36-year-old single man. I plan to buy a Japanese sex doll after a romantic relationship. The couple‚Äôs life will not bring me too much negative impact and is too strict. It is. I still feel that only when I sleep and many other things, I need to be feminine. So here, I am looking for some advice. I am very interested in the model of the 163 h Cup Japanese sex doll. If anyone wants it, I hope to get it. In return, and I want to know if anyone I have tested a hot doll, I am looking for the most authentic thing, and I have not found much information on this topic from the recently reviewed store. For now, nothing more, thank you for reading, and soon. Hello, welcome to the forum. My doll is very enthusiastic, but I have not used this option because I don’t have this utility. When I sleep with one of the five dolls, I prefer them to heat up as the bed heats up. Hello sports is a big word, I do not care about 95kilo body weight 1m92, be careful, especially before I met my ex-boyfriend, I have already experienced WM 155 D-CUP but the side is too thin and too Disappointed, the clothes made others really trouble, this time very satisfied, it will be a thoughtful investment.

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