I am exploring the world of Japanese sex doll

Hello everyone, I am exploring the world of Japanese sex dolls, especially a question, how to dress up? You will find all these answers on the forum! But in general! Go out first! All our beautiful people have crazy wardrobes! Covering techniques first pass very carefully, then use practice.. to get happy reading. If you talk about dress style, you can dress them as you wish, but if you talk about it your own way, you can imagine that you must be a child or a quadriplegic. Feel free to wear your clothes. If it’s a technical issue, it’s a story about size and practice. No need to laugh, you will encounter unlimited sacred passion! Who said that boys don’t play with dolls? Indeed, from a practical point of view, I think it must be one thing to dress them. Without the help of him and my readings, pushing things to the top of the head, you must avoid or avoid damaging your face and saving time. I want to move the beginning first. How to dress them up? …dress them… Don’t forget to put a soft powder on the Japanese sex doll to help TPE or silicone slip the clothes and reduce color shift. For pants, you can also wear tights to increase the slip and even reduce the color shift (except the powder). For all T-shirts, you can remove its head, which is very helpful. This is futile.

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