I am interested in the beautiful Japanese sex doll head

If you are not interested in gender and are interested in a beautiful head model (if you are a little convenient), you can purchase the head Japanese sex doll and port it to the human window model. The doll is wearing beautiful underwear and looks very beautiful and not too heavy. Ok, I heard that some people say that the difference in skin color between the head and the body may be different. Ok, of course, but as long as you wear a beautiful necklace, right? You won’t be the only one who is arrogant. She is the lightest, I know there is a leather doll on the market (sorry, I don’t know the word), but the unrealistic model (my dream) is a well-made Japanese sex doll with the flexibility of an inflatable doll. When stored, this “bubble” is not hinged (all possible positions), about 1m60, less than 10kg, looks like a woman, an adult, doing very well. Does anyone know if it exists?

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