Can we change the head of the Japanese sex doll?

Hello, thank you for your answer. Yes, weight / stiffness / price / storage…. DS is lightweight but still hard. (Can we change the head of the Japanese sex doll?) The bubble model exists, but in my opinion it is still in its infancy, there is no “available and realistic” good thing… but I am sure that this market is big? What I like is flexibility… Thank you for your link (I am concerned that you are already a very important moment). Yes, I have seen Kayla, but this is not my type. Does her body have joints in a “soft foam” state? (too steep?)…. Or is she flexible? (Like an inflatable doll, isn’t it too inflatable?) Will there be other heads? There is a skeleton that can hold the Japanese sex doll position. The skeleton is wrapped in a soft foam and covered with soft skin. Only one head, open your eyes or close your eyes. In addition to the touch, it is not comparable to it.

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