Do you know if the Japanese sex doll is soft?

Thank you all for your welcome. Oh, I will detail the Japanese sex doll, so far I haven’t really found it. Do you know if they are soft (soft?) or do they have a skeleton? “Ellie” is very beautiful, but it is too “young” for me. Thank you very much for providing information about Keira, I am really looking for “weakness”, so she did not hold this position at all, but, I It is this evolution that has been around for a long time. Having my favorite head may make it hard to stop me from clicking… Will there be a “new face”? I have already “Zentai” (complete combination) “figure” my window mannequin (his bust)… My Japanese sex doll has realistic sex and I am doing very well… in fact, my goal It is the combination of the two.

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