People instinctively compare sex dolls with inflatable dolls

For all who came to my house and saw the sex doll, instinctively compared it to the inflatable doll. Although she is dressed properly…but to say. After the future, the boys want to touch her, the violin and the girlfriend. Of course it is disgusting and others want to play with sex doll, stripping off her clothes… So even if it is well dressed it depends on everyone’s heart open. This is a bit of a paradox for people… Basically: This is a person with a “serious shift” who will be shocked to see a doll in your living room. Conversely, a person who is neither hot nor cold will give you any special comments. Please note that the date announced, before 18 hours means that at the end of the trip, if the delay is accumulated during the day, your delivery may be postponed until the next day! I blocked my schedule on Thursday and Friday, just in case. It may happen earlier: it is already in Paris, it is not very far away.

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