Sex doll finds its place in your heart

In fact, there is a strange social acceptance or a more transparent society. Sex dolls, ladies and men, have been ignored. When these toys are exposed to everyone’s sight, the strangeness becomes awkward and significant. Our dolls, if not neat, enter the strange category of opacity. Especially if his clothes are transparent! (OK, sorry.) That said, weird, opaque or transparent, I am very happy that¬†sex doll¬†entered my life. But I must carefully manage his public appearance! I agree with you. In addition to sex doll is a personal choice, not to mention intimacy. From there, it is also very important to establish a secret garden. Look, I am very modest. But it must remain modest rather than fearful. For me, in some cases, it is still love. Hide it, show it, integrate it into the “home” or its life. It’s not a simple and rigorous personal problem, it must take into account any personal feelings, especially its family environment, relationships.

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