Answer the sex doll question related to me

Hello everyone, for reference only, I will leave in the next few days, unable to access the Internet. So if some of you answer the sex doll question about me without getting my answer, it’s not contempt, it’s just technically coming back with me at the same time so we will let us say very quickly. Thank you for your warning, I will see you soon! Many don’t have internet… I won’t survive, and finally if my sex doll will arrive. Finally returned to Catalonia, starting from yesterday for Alex’s new body. Obviously it seems to please him. Sorry, I don’t seem to have time because I don’t have time, but actually I read a lot of subjects and photos that you find very exciting. After that, I don’t have time to write, well, I have to make a small feedback in my sex doll theme “command”. I will see other parts soon.


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