Your sex doll looks very beautiful

Current clothes: For “small” sizes, this is not easy. You shouldn’t just rely on the size (height) of your sex doll, but it has a real look, and your little chest is often closer to a small woman than the proportion of teenagers of the same size. My example is 1m45, and as the size of the clothes between 12 and 14 years old, there is a difference according to each piece of clothing: the problem of too small size (requires belt) is comparable to the length of the leg or can pass through the chest of the sex doll. A system of clothing must be found that allows adjustment or disregard of the size of the leg or arm: the panties closed by a cordon tied to the side, the built-in rope as the waistband of the skirt, several snaps or a “brace” type zipper system, suitable for For sling tops, etc., cut without shoulders to prevent everything from being too wide… In short, you will soon learn to think and manage sex dolls. Then at the waist or at the top of the harness, undressing or other belts on the belt are very practical.

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