You already have the size given by the sex doll website

As for the clothes, you already have the size given by the Japanese sex doll website to give you the first idea and see the dimensions they offer on the internet. Some websites offer details of the clothes. The output on the cardboard is very delicate. I found a technique to relieve back pain by lifting it with the lid around it. It makes more work on the arm than on the back. Yes, this is a good start. But some people say they are often fantasies. Because I didn’t play with the doll to check. I noticed it! Otherwise I want to put the cardboard on the bed and slowly lean towards me. In addition to being user friendly, this forum seems to be effective as well. By the way, many of you are writing very well. Beyond the advice, there are moving stories, exciting! Tips in the store or give you clothing: the sales of the store are cheap and good… but the best is the thrift store or the joint store selling clothes: because the price is very low, the clothes already worn have faded The risk is much lower, and you have a higher quality and cheaper price, especially for teenagers with smaller or smaller sizes. She was wrong with the obvious sales. Finally, young ladies wear very little clothes, so you will have everything you can win. Good to explore!

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