My little sex doll looks very interesting

I am very clear about your good advice. I was amazed to find the difference in the ratio between a woman and a sex doll. I think the doll is a bit idealistic compared to the girl we saw on the street. But I don’t think so much, especially for reasons other than aesthetics. Small-scale ethics: Avoid ending with a 13-year-old girl… And weight: over 30 kg, we have to find a solution and plan some parts… is a follower of the big tits. I chose a woman with a height of 1.80 meters. I almost ordered a more realistic model: I will take the same face 52.. This is easier to wear and more responsive to my desire for realism – so more exciting – but its weight makes me give up: 42 kg! ! After I comforted myself, I said that my little 158 sex doll looks interesting. For me, it is essentially a decoration… if there is affinity, there is more.

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