What do you think of the Rolls Royce of a sex doll

I am 59 years old and I really like to buy TPE sex doll. I would have liked to know about this purchase because I know the price is not a brake. What do you think of the Rolls Royce of the doll? Knowing that my priority is realism, what is the best: TPE or silicone? I noticed that there is a dealer who is not far from my home. He distributes several brands. Has anyone been to their showroom? Is this a serious dealer? Their dolls are from China. Are they good quality? Thank you very much for your answer. Fortunately, live near the exhibition hall! You will find one of the TPEs, all of China, this is low cost, this is the job of Doll, you can also find Chinese Silicone, urdolls, but very famous.

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