This is a newcomer to buy a sex doll that you want to test

I didn’t know this sex doll forum before I bought it. I totally agree with you. I tend to hang on other forums, but I don’t know it later. I only compared some of the comments on the doll website, and these sellers are definitely doing publicity. In short, after stripping, this is still a big lottery. Toys and tpe and/or low-end skeleton toys do not last long, mostly between 2 and 5 months, and pay very little, spending more than a year. This is a newbie to buy something you want to test. But somewhere, I will never put 2 euros on a doll that doesn’t know what will happen. And I admit that this is an interesting experience in my opinion. Instead of giving up new encounters from there, but becoming very selective after a relationship “becomes so”, I want to delay in this area, I think this doll forum is very helpful to me.

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