They bought clothes and shoes for sex dolls

When you show your dear and tenderness to your parents, I will encounter the same problems as you, except that they live closer (15 minutes) and pass regularly. So I introduce them to my metal and TPE sex dolls to dress up dear, stick to the side of the partner rather than the sex side – now, but it doesn’t look at them. They bought the clothes and shoes of the sex dolls and never talked to them. They are even more surprised. But they know she is here. The most important thing is that they no longer broke their feet because I was single. This is very cool for friends/colleagues. I took some photos of TPE sex doll. I noticed that those who did not respond well and those who responded well might understand this. This year’s friend is like this. on). But it depends on how you envision your relationship, and the introduction of the accompanying person is not an obligation.

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