The visual effect of dolls is often amazing

Hello everyone! My name is Ben, I am 45 years old, I am a heterosexual man. 85 kg I am 1m80. I live in a small apartment in Paris (20 square meters), my bed is on the mezzanine floor – very easy to enter, but the ceiling is very low. This may be a real constraint! I am very interested in sex doll recently, I haven’t, but it took a few hours to search online. I found this proposal to be very big, and the visual effects of the dolls are often amazing. The idea of ​​pushing me to the doll is to have an “object”. When I am single, I can use “hug” (sleep with her, gentle hug, and sex life) (my love life is jagged). I already have some sex toys, my preference is the body type “long-legged woman”: small breasts, small hips, slender legs and adult face/body (!!! The model looks childish, whether it is size or face, let I am very sorry!). Because it’s not hot at home, I also want to know the temperature problem (I saw a model “heating”? This is a real plus for me, increasing the “existence” feeling body).

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