Sex dolls are the real works of love

Do you know if you want to copy the face of a sex doll? Personally, I am not sure this is a good idea. This may make you feel uncomfortable in certain situations, especially if someone who knows this person knows what you did. This idea is based more on renderings reproduced for 3D occasions. I can imagine that my request is too much… but this is not my situation. Create a sketch of your dream sex doll and see it come true, isn’t your foot? On the other hand, the news about the possibility of the price of this project is too high to let me give up, but at least give up, I thank you. Although this is definitely correct, imagine a unique piece of work that is for your use only and is the true work of love. But, hey, I am with you in reality and materialism. In an absolute sense, I agree with you that this is unreasonable. But even if there are already many choices, I still feel that it is strange to imagine my future girlfriend on my stage and my neighbor’s girlfriend.

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