I will buy a complete sex doll

My name is Miki. I am 30 years old. I live in Paris. I know the world of TPE sex doll in a forum. It is a shy person. I think it can replace my fetish. So I bought a pair 3 months ago. Silicone feet, because it is very happy, I like to buy shoes, posing quickly I will try to put nail polish. But when j will own my apartment alone, I will buy a complete love doll, so I am here to seek advice, there is no artist’s soul, see why your beautiful picture has no future posture ideas. Hello everyone. I stayed here for a week and I was passionate about photography, not that. As part of an art project, if the affinity (pornography) is more, I ordered a sex doll. Interested in makeup, dress up, posture, lighting, photos, etc. I will share my achievements. Thank you for your welcome!

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