I followed some forums about sex dolls

Hey, for you, I am a newbie. At first I was just curious. I followed some English forums about sex doll. The price has always slowed down a bit, but I decided to take a plunge. The girl was blocked on the way to the weekend during transit… so I was looking for useful information online and in the forum again, I found this community. The doll is a 158 cm WM and is known as Clarissa on various specialized websites. The feedback from the customers was very encouraging and the price was too high (about 500), so I started, I am looking forward to the arrival of sex dolls. During this time, I wish you a happy weekend! Yes, it looks good. The seller sold me the size of these dolls, which may be a little trouble for his meter: He sold me 158 cm by pros and cons, giving the size of the bag carrier, it seems to match, I will know more on Monday!

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