I bought a second personality doll

Hey, here people, here is a stylized naughty boy. I have bought a second personality sex doll since September 2018. I introduce it to you for discussion and sharing. It is not the kind of contact we have with friends on the coffee shop terrace on Sunday afternoon. So I am 35 years old, I am single, I live in Belgium, which speaks French. I don’t want to say more, too afraid that we can come back to me. Since the first model of the real doll (what was 2002 or 2003?), I am interested in sex dolls. why? I was totally a frustration: I was a student at the time, and I was so frustrated that everyone around me went out with everyone, such a guy knocked on the gun and another person went out with my girl. When I searched on the Internet, I met sex toys, and these sex bombs are truly beautiful. I am very fascinated. This fascination has been greatly reduced over time, but it has never really disappeared.

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