Avoid the fact that sex dolls may be exploited

For the past 5 years, I have used the escort TPE sex doll service many times. It took 6 months to make love before the judgement, but it is almost always dirty and creepy, actually unsatisfactory or very popular. Moving. Disappointed. If we avoid the fact that they may be exploited, it can’t be imagined anyway, it is disturbing in itself, the atmosphere is often heavy, and there is no emotion, desire or taste. I don’t know these women, Adam and Eve, I could have contracted this disease, but I am very lucky. Let us not talk about the decline of the aspects we must respect. But I went back… Of course, I let a survivor stay in my mind (smaller and smaller), hoping to meet this special woman and fall in love and reciprocity. If a unicorn passes and reads these words, it will bring two words to Santa… At the same time, I never intend to swear.

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