I have no sex dolls so far

Hello, I ordered a beautiful sex doll 155 cm, I am looking forward to receiving it. Do you have photos or experience? I will be happy to read and follow your advice. Hello everyone, so my 37-year-old Nikopol is looking for a beautiful mirrored doll and is ready to pose for me.
I have no dolls so far, and now I am looking for information to make the right choice. For this reason, I am here to help me. I am passionate about painting and photography (I am a news photographer), I belong to the Cultural Association (Art Gallery), and I volunteer to show her work with a young stylist. As for my passion for photography, I mainly shoot Sex dolls, ancient stones and animals, sometimes characters. Therefore, I am looking for a new original subject. In short, the idea of ​​owning a doll is an interesting choice for me. For photos, the first is painting (a model that doesn’t move a few millimeters, dreams!), why not? ‘As a fashion model, more is affinity (yes, it seems that the photographer often ends up sleeping with his model… oh) here you go.

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