Place the doll in one way

I got the factory photos only 8 days later, which was really a surprise. To be honest, I am expecting that Laura will not realize this dimension before the end of the Chinese New Year and the holidays, but it seems that she has passed even before those start. Still can’t believe how fast this process is. I exchanged several emails with (from urdolls) about the shipment, and after 45 days I got the tracking number from the courier company. This happened during the epidemic, so I should feel very lucky that there is no greater delay there.

I think we will start from the beginning… This is my second WM Dolls, the first time I bought it from a supplier. My first one is secondhand. I have been looking around for the exact doll and supplier I want to use with. I have met several great suppliers who have provided great customer service, including your doll.

The reason why physical Anime sex doll are so expensive is that the production cost is high and the production process is complicated. So the quality of the $1,500 sex doll is not bad, the better the craftsmanship and quality of the sex doll, the more expensive it will definitely be. Judging from the dolls on the market, urdolls are the new stars in the sex doll industry. urdolls relies on a strong factory, guarantees the most favorable price, and has the best service. Can consider it.



Yoyo - 150CM DL Silicone Sex Doll High End Durable Real Women

Sco is a 53yearold man who has been single for nearly 20 years. Now that the global COVID19 pandemic has left everyone in isolation, he chose to buy a sex doll, which, according to him, looks like Janet Jackson.

When the glue dries, make sure that there is no tension on the surface of the doll so that the connected wound can be reopened. You should also place the doll in a way so that your fixed key surface does not suffer any tension. Leave it for 24 hours.

First, clean the surface of the Flat chested sex doll that needs to be fixed with petroleum jelly or baby oil. There are two purposes for applying either. First, it will clean and disinfect the surface of your doll. Second, it will distribute the applied heat more evenly. Needless to say, if you don’t want to scald the skin of your sex doll, it is important to apply oil or petroleum jelly.



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