Don’t consider sex dolls that are too cheap

In the next few days, Laura would often fly by plane, and the courier company contacted me to obtain some simple personal information and go through customs procedures for me. Just some simple text/email exchanges, it may take me 2 minutes, which can be handled by phone. It really went well. I am very happy to see that urdolls is playing very safely and gave me an estimate of the delivery time of 34 weeks express delivery. The actual delivery only took 1 week. This is exactly how it should always be done. If they tell me that the courier will deliver the goods in 2 weeks, but it actually takes 3 or 4 weeks, I will be very worried. The opposite wayjust a very positive surprise. Thumbs up for this too

After finally deciding which model (or two models) to use, my next question is to try to find a supplier with inventory on hand, because I really can’t stand the extended waiting time. I looked around, but in the end I was taken back to your WM Dolls. They have a lot of good dolls in stock, which can be shipped immediately. Their stock dolls also have the best prices.

Richer - 150CM Big Breasts Wheat Skin DL Silicone Sex Doll

Finally, choice is important. Don’t think about Anime sex doll that are too cheap, but don’t overly hurt your wallet for sex dolls. Excessiveness is unwise. It is wise to choose the one with the right price and the best quality.

He added that the sex doll he named would accompany him on a lonely night in isolation. Pearson, a kitchen porter, pointed out that his unsocial working hours make it difficult for him to maintain relationships with women. For this good reason, the sex doll is his perfect companion. A lonely man said that during the COVID19 lockdown, he bought a sex doll worth 1,100 pounds to accompany him. He is not shy.

Flat chested sex doll are very durable. However, since your doll has been in use for a long time, you cannot prevent it from being slightly to severely damaged. Fortunately, you can purchase a variety of repair tools to repair dolls at home.

For example, when you need to repair a TPE doll, you need to have a commonly used 1.5 kilowatt infrared gun on hand. Such a heat gun is convenient because it allows you to view the temperature feed in real time. You can buy this type of heat gun on Amazon or any online store.


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