I think the skin tone of sex dolls is very beautiful and natural

I had a very beautiful date on this Saturday night. In the past few days we have been a bit slow to upload new photos because the hair has become the worst. After trying various methods including fabric softener, conditioner and leavein conditioner, 100cm sex doll managed to restore it and it was better than ever. Amber said that her current blonde straight hair looks like a Pantene model. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 have long hair, and I hate bangs on short black hair!

After she wiped it dry, I started to apply baby powder while taking out the head and feet from the bag. All areas were dry. After powdering her, I let TPE absorb it until she no longer turns white from the powder. I pierced her ears and belly button, and put clothes on her. This is a photo from my first day of travel!

Skin tone and body painting. Skin color is a big concern for firsttime buyers. I specified a light tan (worried that the tan may be too dark from the promotional image), but comparing her skin color in real life with the promotional image, the difference is very big. Having said that, I think her skin tone is very beautiful and natural, so I am not at all unhappy about it. I’m pretty sure I will get a second Male sex doll in the future (most likely a 172D sepia), so I might eventually visit the showroom at some point so that I can clearly understand how everything looks like.

most expensive love doll

After seeing the profile picture of “Minnie”, I knew I liked taking pictures of her very much. This head and S30 really resonated with me, and I immediately began to think about my personality and countless ideas for taking photos. Because of the sale, I finally got the avatar, so Takiko will eventually have a split personality (I call her #334’s avatar “Cleopatra”).

I had some trouble adjusting the head on my body, because I’m not sure whether I should screw it down all the time or let it be free. At some point when tightening the head, the neck starts to twist—maybe I need to push the neck down a bit while tightening. I think a better connection system between the head and body might be a good idea.

Japanese sex doll come in handy because they eliminate any sperm theft. After having sex with a doll, the owner should wash the doll immediately, usually by running water through the small hole to remove the semen. Although this does not definitively eliminate the possibility of sperm theft, it greatly reduces the possibility. Therefore, an important point when using these pleasure tools is to ensure that the doll is cleaned as soon as possible after sex. Sperm theft is very serious and will be punished by law, and sex dolls can curb this vice. This should be the reason to go to the sex shop to buy the happy doll you have always wanted.

“After a stressful day of work, I was just tired of walking into an empty house. All I had to do was to see my doll smiling in the corner, knowing that everything would be fine. I knew my house was still empty, But at least my doll does not feel empty here.”

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