An important reason to really buy realistic sex dolls

When you don’t want to worry about having to spend money to take care of your partner during and after the relationship, Tpe sex doll are definitely the ideal choice. The only form of alimony that sex dolls need you to provide is regular cleaning and proper storage between uses. simple. correct? What’s even more amazing is that polygamous people don’t have to worry about alimony; compared to paying alimony to multiple partners, taking care of a few sex toys is definitely affordable. This makes these dolls amazing and affordable to own and maintain; an important reason why you should really buy realistic sex dolls.

We will start with her beautiful smile. I know the image quality of this room will not be very good. The lighting is not ideal, but we took some interesting and sexy photos. Very shy at first, but warmed up for the camera when we left.

The next step is to clean her and go to the bathtub! This is the most difficult part of all things. I still don’t know how to pick her up safely, and I try to be gentle. I finally let her stand into the bathtub. After my research, Male sex doll watched a video and learned to wrap my feet and neck with double bags to prevent the metal from getting wet and rusting in the future. I washed her with antibacterial hand sanitizer, then washed her off, then I patted her dry with a small towel (lightly) and let her air dry.


Her breasts left a very deep impression on me (which sounds funny in my mind). One of my biggest concerns is that her breasts are too hard to fit clothes, but the gel breasts are very soft. On the other hand, her nipples may cause some problems, but a bit of cotton pads should be good enough to ensure that they do not attract attention when they look undesired.

That’s it for the time being, thanks for reading. To be honest, I may continue to write for a few hours, but want to make the post relatively easy to understand. I will start to update this thread with photos and any further thoughts in the future. I’m still waiting for some outofstock light stands, so it may take a while. At the same time, I will spend some time getting to know Takiko better and plan shooting.

“My social life is almost nonexistent… I work at night, sleep until noon, have enough time to eat, do a small exercise, take a shower, and then go to work… I don’t have time to find a relationship and try online dating to no avail, and Some major trust issues (from very bad experiences) made me want a Flat chested sex doll.”


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