I am still very new to the world of sex dolls

I bought a new camera today and decided to try to take a small photo. As she gets more clothes and we have time for more shots, I will post future updates here. I quickly learned how much work it has and how difficult it is to take good pictures. I pay tribute to those who post some content here. I’m still very new to the WM Sex doll world, and I don’t know anything about photography, but we have to give it a try. Just want to share my experience and get some feedback in the process.

I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 185 pounds. It is difficult to lift her from the ground. It is easy but heavy to lift her up the stairs. I have mastered the trick to move her from one place to another. Lift with your legs, not the back! After I took her upstairs, I asked her to sit up and start examining the body. Except for the small TPE balls around her body, I did not notice any problems, which I think is normal.

Hey, standing is difficult for all of us. It takes a long time for babies to learn how to stand, and Male sex doll are at a disadvantage in this regard due to their anatomy. This explains why most of the photos I see have dolls leaning slightly against something for support. I have learned this from my mini doll (she can stand, but the posture is incorrect), and have some ideas on how to overcome this limitation of photo shooting.

Gabrielle - 148CM Big Boobs Chinese Silicone Head TPE Body Sex Doll

It’s nice to see some upgrades to the toes to help balance. Except for her big toe that does have wires (but still can’t maintain her balance), all of her other toes are small, floppy things. I don’t really want to shoot her feet, so this is not a huge loss.

Unlimited gaze and being forgotten may be the main reason why I no longer mistake Takiko for a living person. This is a major disadvantage of using dolls instead of reallife models as the subject of photography. The quality of the eyes provided is good, but I have ordered some customized eyes, and I will try to use a laser to make sure that I have her eyes correctly focused where I want when I take the photo.

“It seems that the whole concept of dating/marriage has become a death trap for men. No matter how you play, she will hold all the cards and will probably use them at some point. Flat chested sex doll are a good wise choice. They are good It satisfies my needs and makes this arrangement sustainable.”


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