Better understand the appearance and posture of sex dolls

I am surprised how much I like brown curly hair. WM Sex doll almost looks red in the photo, but it is actually brown. May have to try some more serious photos. Had a difficult morning at Trick’s house! Most of the new clothes I found didn’t fit well. I tore a brand new stocking. When I wanted to take a few photos of her looking out the window, she accidentally stepped on the curtains and tore the curtains from the wall! After all, I canceled the shooting, vented my dissatisfaction with Amber, and then took her away.

I have some gloves that I use for unpacking, and when I see the white gloves, I switch to handling the head and body. At the beginning, the first part was removed for inspection. They were good, not damaged, and some eye makeup had been applied, which was great. I also use code to check the authenticity, and we are very happy! Next is the hardest part… Take her apart, check her body, test the joints (not difficult at all), and then lift her from the box.

I’m pretty sure everyone who ordered Tpe sex doll felt the same nervousness when unpacking them. Regardless of cost, having to deal with returns will be a headache. When I opened the box, I noticed that my neck was bent forward and my back was arched, which worried me. The box itself does not have any marks to indicate the correct vertical direction (there is a horizontal mark), so I assume she spent some time hanging upside down during transportation. Fortunately, any damage seems to be minor—one thumb is flattened slightly, and there is a small soft area on the back

Warren - 165CM D-cup WM NO.85 Silicone Head Nature Skin TPE Sex Doll

Oh my god, are you a heavy girl! I bought a mini doll last summer just to better understand the appearance and posture of the doll, but I was not prepared for how much Takiko weighs. This is largely related to the clumsiness of a heavy human body and the desire to be very careful with her (white glove treatment!), but weight will become something I will have to get used to. Exercise may also be a good idea.

Throw away the wigs, seriously (or treat them as temporary workers). Good wigs can be expensive, which is why these Anime sex doll don’t have good wigs. I will not blame the manufacturer for the quality of the wigs provided, but I strongly recommend that you buy some wigs. Before Takiko arrived, I had purchased several synthetic wigs and planned to buy more. In the end, I might even spend more money on wigs for some people.

Over the years, the popularity of sex dolls has greatly increased because the topic was initially considered taboo, especially when talking about it in public would bring some shame. Basically, the survey found that men are most likely to have sex with sex dolls instead of real girls, which means that men seem to prefer love with dolls over real girls.



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