I imagine that sex dolls are much more beautiful and realistic

Ordered from Urdolls on August 24th and she arrived on September 24th. During the transportation, her foot was only slightly injured, and everything else was intact. As my first WM Sex doll, I felt a little overwhelmed by the movements and how all her joints work. I would say that I was very impressed, she was much more beautiful and realistic than I thought.

After waiting for a month, I began to wonder if I was a fool for spending so much money on the doll, but now I don’t think so at all. She is also equipped with a new WM cleaning system, which is very cool, but the dry part is not very good. So far, her clothes are very limited, but want to show off her cheerleading uniform on the first day.

Next, I started to take apart all the good things and two heads she brought. When I opened the package, I noticed that I got four different wigs, and I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to the wig, there are also foot covers (rubber socks), instructions, hooks, white gloves, nightgown, vaginal warmer, vaginal cleaner and comb. It is my first Anime sex doll and used as a photo model after purchase.

Lisa-WM Fat Body Beautiful Long Hair F-cup Big Tits Sexy Adult Doll


Due to her weight and balance issues, posing and dressing will also be a challenge. I think I might get a separate pullup bar and some soft straps to keep her in place while adjusting her wardrobe and practicing posture.

Due to my work contract, starting from the end of the year, I will have to take a few months of vacation. Usually, I travel, hike and camp, and do a lot of landscape and astrophotography. This year, well, you know. I decided to set up a small studio and use dolls as my model for fashion and roleplay photography.

I am very excited about these possibilities, although I still have a lot to learn about makeup, hair and clothes (I expect to buy a sewing machine in the future). All in all, I am very surprised and happy. Although she only arrived today, she gave me a lot of thoughts, some of which I have written below.

Male sex doll also chose the realistic body painting option, which looks great in real life. The factory photos simply cannot convey the exquisite subtleties that have been drawn. It’s amazing to even see them draw very faint veins, which does a good job of enhancing the sense of reality.


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