I was stunned by the beauty of the doll

When I bought the 100cm sex doll, urdolls was doing a great deal, but it was mainly for American customers. However, as a European, I still get a lot of benefits by using the magical power of the doll forum and entering the code when completing the order. So the story of 140D WM Doll Lara and the EVO skeleton began. After a while, her journey began at the end of the pipeline.

Doll characteristics: I was stunned by the beauty of the doll. Again, the first time owner, not sure what will happen. But she is amazing. YL factory photos sell this doll for a short time, especially because the blueeyed hair/lighting choices in those factory photos make the doll look “out of date”. In addition, the photos we saw on the forum did not treat these dolls properly, even though they did a good job. She is much better in real life. However, in real life, she is a peerless beauty. She is still young.

141 cm is 141 cm. About 10 years ago, I overlapped with AVN in Las Vegas and met a group of porn stars in a hotel bar. I am shocked at how small they are, but how beautiful they are. This is what Kieran looks like. She is not like the woman you see on the street every day, but if you have ever met a very beautiful and short woman, this is the similarity. The body and shape of the Male sex doll are the main attraction here. If you are interested in this doll, you may be interested in waisttohip ratio, butt and “rotator” type dimensions. All her proportions and physical appearance exceeded my expectations. Her body is absolutely perfect.

Vaughan - 160CM E-cup Sino Dolls NO.S32 Head Hot Nurse Silicone Sex Doll

When you enter “sex dolls” on Google to find a suitable website, sex doll websites are everywhere, sometimes shopsfactories or independent stations operated by brands. It is highly recommended because it is very goodsales services and better than ecommerce Lower prices on the platform. In this case, the only thing you should care about is to avoid some fraudsters who make fakes or steal good pictures through investigations. In this case, your payment is worthy of better goods or just a waste of money.

In addition, he praised the thermoplastic elastomer or TPE material used to make Japanese sex doll. This is because the material can make the doll feel like a real person. He pointed out that his love doll is a kind of soft rubber with a metal skeleton. For this reason, hugging while watching TV feels like hugging a real woman.

In addition, gloves are required when repairing tears. After everything is ready, use a finepointed tool or spatula to apply the TPE repair glue to the inner surface of the tear. Make sure that there is no excess glue on the tip of your spatula, as it will further damage your sex doll’s skin.


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