A practical guide to repairing damaged sex dolls

So I didn’t delay any longer, so I browsed the Internet, TDF and 100cm sex doll official website to find out where I can buy the doll I was looking for. When I live in Europe, certain things are sometimes more difficult than for American or Asian customers. Obviously, TDF is the place to provide a fairly quick answer and direct me to urdolls.

Unboxing and quality: Unboxing is very smooth. Fortunately, I have watched some videos about unboxing before, otherwise my hands and feet will be in trouble. Without the experience of using other dolls, I was surprised by the quality of this doll (and possibly other dolls). Feels very strong Kieran feels like a very healthy woman to me. Her body, butt, waist and everything feels like a healthy woman, eating well, exercising well, but not overly muscular.

I bought a new camera today and decided to try to take a small photo. As she gets more clothes and we have time for more shots, I will post future updates here. I quickly learned how much work it has and how difficult it is to take good pictures. I pay tribute to those who post some content here. I’m still very new to the Male sex doll world, and I don’t know anything about photography, but we have to give it a try. Just want to share my experience and get some feedback in the process.

Ecommerce platforms, especially the prices are not friendly, charge a commission of more than 10%, and a large amount of CPC advertising fees are charged for each purchase, not to mention that most sellers are just distributors rather than manufacturers. Some stores only have pictures but without A+ content, it is difficult for users to understand the details.

Eunjin - 158CM Pure Silicone Japanese Love Doll Game Professional Player

It feels like a sex doll is a life partner. When asked what it was like to be in bed with his beloved doll, Pearson said he didn’t think it was weird. In fact, this feeling is like having sex with a real person. A lonely man said that during the COVID19 lockdown, he bought a sex doll worth £1,100 to accompany him. He is not shy

A practical guide to repairing damaged Tpe sex doll. After applying glue to the silicone skin of the sex doll, pull the two sides of the crack together. Be sure to press the patch for a minute or more until it is intact again. But before applying TPE glue, be sure to clean the damaged surface. This is to remove any dirt or excess oil that might prevent the glue from sticking clean. You can clean the damaged area by wiping with 70% isopropyl alcohol.



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