Is the model illegal or other sex dolls

I don’t use it for sexual purposes, like decoration, customization and photography sex doll. You are not the only one who does not use sex dolls. I have three people to accompany and take pictures. You will not be able to place photos, the administrator will not laugh, I do n’t know that 6YE has become smaller, so I do n’t know the size of the clothes, but you should look directly at the clothes of Japanese dolls, you should already know yourself. I am also very lucky to be able to provide it to you. So you will find everything you need to keep your doll in top shape. After knowing if you are real or fake. I want to know if this model is illegal or other sex dolls? Is it because it is 100 cm long, or is it illegal because of forgery? But my friend bought it on the French website.

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