Accepted washing and maintenance restrictions sex dolls

For the seller’s choice, some websites are referenced here. As for the choices made, it does have a certain amount of impact-face, body or other. To avoid disappointment, there are some technical aspects to check before: what purpose, your maximum weight may increase the washing and maintenance limits you are prepared to receive. There are many explanations on the forums on all these topics. For the rest, the easiest way is to visit the showroom to get a real picture. To answer questions about price differences, there are two main types of dolls: TPE and silicone. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The silicone¬†sex doll¬†is absorbed to the top of the series, so the price is higher. But TPE dolls are not sold out.

Setlla - 148CM Big Tits Brown Skin TPE Sex Doll

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