You will understand that this is the sex sex doll in question

There is also an aesthetic that fits my taste (very realistic European-style sex doll, not comics!), And I’m just scared that it confuses me because advertising (written in difficult words and I sent It ’s difficult to get an explanatory answer in a few emails! The price is unbeatable, so I already understand the texture difference between silicone and TPE (Is it really day and night? …), but is there any other data? I understand the budget. However, due to quality reasons, please note that this site, you will use WMdolls model, the price is 500 euros, and usually the price is about 2000 euros, you will understand that this is the sex sex dolls in question. Need to have this Experienced people to promote colors and advise you.

Queena - Big Breasts Slim Beautiful 168CM TPE Love Doll

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