I talk to loved ones about my sex dolls

But you can wait, I hope to find a day in the future, when I can finally be surprised. By the way: Of course, Asian dolls are beautiful and cute, but I found that, unlike the Americans mentioned above, this forum only shows this type of¬†sex doll¬†without diversity. Now, maybe in other parts of the forum, I don’t have access, but you talk more. I also regret to note that adult dolls have attracted people to be despised by many “normal” people (as long as it is on the Internet, general forums, YouTube … it can be seen that “doll enthusiasts” are crazy and worthy of asylum, and I “Yes, it makes me sad.” Here, I hope I can make a good introduction for me to participate in the forum (I have read a lot before registering). When I talk to my relatives about my sex When dolls baby, I don’t feel rejected.

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