Can it help you overcome life sex dolls

There was a time when I had an attractive¬†sex doll, and I wanted to try, I had different pictures of these dolls before (this is a very interesting life, it changed all the time …). When I decided before, I want to exchange opinions with you without any judgment. The first question I thought of was. Have you established a love relationship with me like a real woman? If so, how does your wife accept your “relationship” with the doll, whether it’s sex or something else? Do some of you hide the doll by your wife? Finally, through browsing the forums, I feel that dolls are more of a hobby than sex toys. Some dress up, make-up, and pets … no need to repeat them, because there is no need, sex dolls can help you overcome the encounters in life Certain issues, especially those related to women? Welcome to the forum.

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