Real sex dolls body of real little women

Making my choice is a journey! After several days of research, I compared the positive and negative aspects of each of my favorite real sex doll models … not easy, but very enjoyable. In fact, I was hesitant. Starting from 170 cm in height, WM was also dreamy, but the degree of hanging of the breast and areola did not meet my taste at all. I regret it, but I continue to drool. I am tethered to WM 161 cm G (my second choice, if I have to have a second lady, unless there will be something new in the future, but I am still faithful to my first love …) the hips are a bit “smooth “But the real little doll’s real sex dolls body, I like it. Then instructed the WM 140 D, which was very good, but too small for me, after 1m90.

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