I see all real sex dolls with their heads separated from the body

Aoi on the carpet. Oh my gosh, I have a little crack, only real sex doll website is a Chinese website, they will show the price, is this really the case? Does it include customs fees? -A completely different style is that my ex was an adult woman with a slim figure, small breasts and a small donkey (everyone has tasted it), I like it, but from a size and shape perspective, I worry that the doll will Is it classified as illegal material? -Finally, I saw the Piper Doll series, the head was shaped as a part of the body, I really like it, because all the photos of real sex dolls that I saw with their heads separated from the body left me a strange a feeling of. (We see the bottom of the lens, which is rare.) Would it be better to integrate a doll’s head into the body in realism? Even though I don’t like her too sexy body (in my taste).

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