Have to admit that some real sex dolls are beautiful

With all these names, the meat of the real sex doll you own is very good, you have a real sex doll, but it is not silicone but foam, I want to look like a small doll brand (but here we are not talking about mini dolls) There are a lot of DIY here, I have no problem, I have two awkward hands. Is my goal. In an area of ​​25 square meters, I think that all full silicone models cannot be maintained, stored and installed in the mezzanine. If anyone knows how to make it the best in France, I would be interested. Currently, I have no funds available. I will wait until the end of August, unless I encounter an unavoidable quote on a reliable website. Hello, I am single and have been interested in Dolls for a while. It’s hard to say if I will buy it someday, but I have to admit that some real sex dolls are beautiful. I think the main reason I won’t buy is mainly the price.

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