They are not the kind of tempted sex dolls

But I’m not particularly athletic, but country life has made me accustomed to carrying heavy objects, so a weight of 40 kg will not scare me too much, even if I admit that a lighter sex doll model would be more practical. But I haven’t found any one that can surprise me like a glamorous model. Everyone was scared of my weight (I weighed 38 kilograms), and in the end it did a great job and developed this habit, but despite this, my back is still very careful! It’s true that I’m a bit afraid of weight, but I’m preparing my family to wonder why I gradually started to help on the XD farm work more regularly, and I haven’t received the positive side of the doll I have already accepted! I’m trying to keep the same reaction as you: I believe dolls do have this response to her: they took us back to the sports ground even before we got home, but they weren’t the kind of tempted sex dolls. Do not forget the advantages of the sports electric abdominal belt. To bear the same “heavy” weight as the human body is not only a technical force, but also a technical problem.

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